Gov Data support Neo 50

The team at Neo Community would like to show appreciation and gratitude to Chris and Kelly Hugo and their amazing team at GOVDATA UK who have supported the growth of our charity over the past year and assisted our progression into amazing new work opportunities.

Following a Sky News Piece around universal credit that featured Neo and how we support our local community, Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at GOVDATA UK, showed interest in our charity and got in touch to organise a visit in order to get a better understanding of the work we do here at Neo.

The visit to our Beaconsfield Community Centre inspired Kelly and Chris, Chief Executive Officer at GOVDATA UK, to donate an outstanding amount of £10,000 to our charity in a plea to aid our volunteers and support our local community.

GovData is a market leader in Government business and provide specialist expertise to ensure businesses take advantage of the £378 billion spent each year on goods and services.

Their mission is to create opportunities for British businesses, through helping them understand the Public Sector market, access Government Business, achieve growth in business scale and revenue and diversify into global Government markets. 

We introduced Chief Executive, Chris, to our Neo 50 campaign, which encourages private sector businesses and individuals to contribute and partner with us to support community led change and development.

Neo 50 is a simple idea that makes a big difference. We ask 50 local or national businesses or individuals to pledge an amount of money each month to our charity in order to allow us to build up a fund that underpins the work we do across Wirral, creating stability for the projects and the teams.

In May 2019, Chris and Kelly announced at our Charity Launch that GOVDATA UK would contribute an incredible £1500 a month to sponsor the salary of a member of our team.

As of date, the team at GOVDATA UK have donated an astonishing £18,000 to Neo Community.

Chris and Kelly Hugo said:

“Neo Community is nothing short of incredible. A true centre of strength for those most in need of food, clothing, shelter, personal development, support, guidance and most importantly friendship and hope; for a better future for so many thousands of people.

So why are we Ambassadors for Neo? What is in it for us? A business with none of those points of focus.

Well that’s simple. It is the duty of those of us who have seen adversity whether in life, relationships,

business or all of the above, but remember we got through those tough times with the help of others. So when you become the person capable of helping, be exactly that.

We are grateful to be able to help Neo Community reach those people in need, because as we have seen in recent times, you never know when that person in need may be you.”

At the end of the first full year of this amazing partnership, we at Neo would like to thank GOVDATA UK, and Chris and Kelly Hugo for this amazing patronage and welcome them as Neo’s first ever Ambassadors.

We are extremely grateful the help and support we have received from GOVDATA UK and look forward to many more years of partnership and friendship with the team.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Neo 50 Partner then please contact Adam Mellor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0151 647 5981 and visit