Our COVID year

What a year this has been! The COVID 19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives and has resulted in sudden and significant changes to the services we at NEO Community provide. With social distancing, school closures, National lockdowns and shielding; the need for basic food support has been greater than ever.

We are proud that NEO Community has been at the forefront of this support, from setting up a Wirral wide food hub, collaborating with supply and delivery partners and leading activities to support families through the school closures.

Our profile has grown and we are now recognised as the “go to” charity for most humanitarian needs and crisis support.


With the country plunged into lockdown for most of the year we have diversified our offer, taking NEO Community “on the road” and mobilising our services with efforts concentrating on much needed food support. During the summer period alone, over 800 children received activity packs, cook at home boxes and children’s meals. Without the amazing support of our dedicated volunteers, NEO would not have been able to offer the service provided to families and individuals throughout the pandemic.

We have developed strong and enduring partnerships with others, enabling the delivery of over 25,000 food hampers across Wirral.

In line with COVID restrictions, our centre remains closed to the public although we have now been able to re-open our Community Food and Supplies market in line with current guidelines.

Despite the huge challenges faced during these unprecedented times we have still managed to achieve:

  • 17.383 volunteer hours
  • 32,356 Families supported
  • 82,000 Children engaged
  • around 11,000 crisis food hampers provided
  • 780 tonnes of surplus stock diverted from landfill
  • We again managed to deliver over 2000 hampers containing food and essentials, and over 1,000 gifts for local children. Additionally we delivered 200 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day packs, and 50 Christmas trees!

 Fantastic efforts - massive thanks to everyone involved.

Judi Blacow