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The team at Neo Community would like to show appreciation and gratitude to Chris and Kelly Hugo and their amazing team at GOVDATA UK who have supported the growth of our charity over the past year and assisted our progression into amazing new work opportunities.

Following a Sky News Piece around universal credit that featured Neo and how we support our local community, Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at GOVDATA UK, showed interest in our charity and got in touch to organise a visit in order to get a better understanding of the work we do here at Neo.

The visit to our Beaconsfield Community Centre inspired Kelly and Chris, Chief Executive Officer at GOVDATA UK, to donate an outstanding amount of £10,000 to our charity in a plea to aid our volunteers and support our local community.

Neo Community Team

Neo Community, Charity Update

During this unprecedented time we really wanted to update everyone with what we have been doing at Neo and to pass our best on to all of our supporters and partners.

Following national guidance we had to close our Community House, Social Supermarkets and Bistro to ensure the public and our teams safety. This does not mean that Neo has closed.

COVID-19 Update

Food insecurity is a major issue for many people across our community. In the midst of the COVID 19 crisis we need your help more than ever.

Community; Together we are Stronger

Community; Together we are Stronger

COVID-19 has really started to have an impact on day to day life for many today, with a real possibility that very shortly within days, we could see some of our most. Vulnerable being asked to isolate, there is even talk of schools shutting for what could be long periods of time and other. Precautions and advisory measures being put into place, but as with anything when people are scared, feel vulnerable and are facing the uncertain they panic, they stop listening and they think about how all of this could affect their own loved ones and families.

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